Energize Yourself

There’s nothing better than facing a new day feeling refreshed and full of energy. But for most of us, this takes some effort and planning. An energized day depends on a disciplined routine and healthy dietary habits. Here are a few steps that should remind us of the importance of desiring to be energized and act upon it.

Energized Yourself
Ways to energize yourself by livingyourbesteveryday

Taking some of these steps when you’re stressed, tired and/or overworked can be a challenge, but it is possible…and the more you do it, the easier it gets. Choosing these good habits can do much more than just improve your day-to-day energy:

1. Exercise for Better Health

Exercise and energy have a special relationship that creates harmony throughout the body. Exercise is linked to lowering your weight and many common sleep problems. If you are someone who is less interested in exercise, remember the extra boost of energy and health this can add to your life.

2. Make a Routine of Early Going to Bed and Waking Up

Research shows that getting to bed at a decent time and sleeping for seven to eight hours nightly can increase overall health and the ability to wake refreshed. Skimping on sleep for as little as an hour a night is associated with a long list of health-related problems. This "mild sleep restriction", or lost hours of rest, can decrease your energy, the quality of your mornings, and decrease your daily fat burning by up to 50 percent.

3. Change Your Bedtime Routine

Your bedtime routine should contain changing your meals before bed, your bedroom temperature (around 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and giving up to using electronics before going to sleep.

4. Have a Healthy Diet

  • Your diet should contain a good coffee in the morning with a healthy breakfast, which is the best thing you can do to start your day off on the right foot and to energize yourself before you walk out the door. Coffee is steeped with energy-boosting caffeine, along with other components like chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, and caffeic acid that are a bonus "perk". It’s also an excellent, zero-calorie beverage that studies show is associated with a lower body weight.
  • You should eat a balanced breakfast of lean proteins, healthy veggies, and some carbs to get your day started. Avoid foods that are too sugary like muffins or too greasy like bacon and opt for something filling but healthier instead. Some foods that can help you feel energized are: oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon or ham, greens like celery, spinach, leeks, or kale, fruits (blackberries, raspberries, bananas, apples, or pears), whole wheat toast or whole wheat bagels, cereal with low-fat milk, yogurt and granola.
  • Your healthy diet should also contain foods that are rich in Omega 3s, like canola oil, fatty fish, and walnuts. Omega 3 is known for making you feel more mentally alert, and therefore more energized.
  • If you want to energize yourself, staying hydrated is very important. Therefore you have to drink at least 10 8-oz. glasses of water each day.

5. Rest Once in Awhile

Short periodical breaks and time-outs should be part of your daily routine, because resting is very important for our brain. Stop thinking for a few minutes. If you know how to meditate, do that. If not, just observe your breathing and relax, calm down, and disconnect. Give yourself a time out: whenever you feel yourself getting too wound up, frazzled, unreasonable, angry, confused – just excuse yourself and take a break.

6. Change your Attitude

Being grateful should also be part of our daily routine. One of the most powerful ways to re-energize yourself on a difficult day is to remind yourself of just one thing in your life that is wonderful. Research shows that gratitude has all kinds of health benefits, including stress reduction. You just have to bring to mind and acknowledge the positive aspects of your life that exist even on horrific days.

7. Plan time for pleasure

Five minutes of pure fun or joy in the midst of a grind can be astonishingly rejuvenating. You should enjoy a piece of dark chocolate, or a beautiful view, or talk to a dear one, whatever you prefer, but add pleasure in your daily routine, because it will invigorate you.

Our day-to-day life is stressful, therefore planning to do some simple things on a daily basis that will inoculate yourself against energy suckage is the best thing you can do for yourself. These are only a few steps that you can do to energized yourself, but we would like to hear your story and things that have worked for you.

This tool does not provide medical advice.



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