Habits of Healthy People (Part A)

The 2014 is about to end in a few days and soon we will evaluate our lifestyle and try to be better, because we all agree that:

It’s not about being THE BEST!

It’s about being better than you were


Why should we wait for January to try to improve ourselves? Let’s start TODAY and live our best everyday, starting right now!
We will start here a list of healthy habits to enjoy a longer and better healthy life. There are many tips and please feel free to add your advice, share your experience with us and let us learn from each other.

A. Healthy people eat healthy food

Below is a list we put together to outline the best healthy habits and foods for you to add to your diet. We would also recommend buying the organic version of all these foods as much as possible.

Healthy eating


We are more and more concerned about what, when and how we eat. But let’s remember that fatty and sugary foods contain toxins, which overload your liver (your main detoxifying organ) if eaten regularly. The liver struggles to get rid of them, so they stay trapped in your body, damaging cells, affecting bodily functions, encouraging disease, and causing premature ageing and food sensitivities. Therefore a daily mini-cleanse (drinking a warm cup of water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning, at least 30 minutes before eating) can do a great job for you. If you are looking for additional help with your cleansing process the Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat-Burning System™ might be exactly what you need. The five nutritional components of the system help you rapidly cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss.


Seasonal changes come with abundant health benefits, including a bounty of wonderfully tasty superfoods. Eating more fresh vegetables is one of the simplest steps you can take to improve your overall health. Vegetables and fruits benefit all of your body's cells and tissues by infusing them with highly bioavailable nutrients that work synergistically for optimal health. Some of those nutrients even help you adapt to stress, such as the B vitamins and folate, omega-3 fats, magnesium, potassium, and glutathione. If we were to make a short list of SUPERFOODS these would definitely be there:

  • tomatoes
  • avocados
  • sweet potatoes
  • pomegranate
  • berries (cranberries)
  • spinach
  • kale

The Food Color Chart by DailySuperFoodLove

The Food Color chart is a great way to see which colored foods contains unique phytonutrients essential for our health. But by eating fruits and vegetables of a variety of different colors, one can get the best all-around health benefits.


Nuts are nature's way of showing us that good things come in small packages. These bite-size nutritional powerhouses are packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Of course, you can get too much of these good things: Nuts are high in fat and calories, so while a handful can hold you over until dinner, a few more handfuls can ruin your appetite altogether. And although nuts are a healthy choice by themselves, they'll quickly become detrimental to any diet when paired with sugary or salty toppings or mixes.


Probiotics are beneficial forms of gut bacteria that help stimulate the natural digestive juices and enzymes that keep our digestive organs functioning properly. In addition to taking a probiotic supplement, you can also support your probiotic intake through eating foods that are hosts to these live bacterium. We all know of the great health benefits of probiotics, however, not all of us know how to take advantage of these health benefits.
One of the best probiotic foods is live-cultured yogurt, especially handmade. Look for brands made from goat milk that has been infused with extra forms of probiotics like lactobacillus or acidophilus. Goat’s milk and cheese are particularly high in probiotics like thermophillus, bifudus, bulgaricus and acidophilus.
Similar to yogurt, the kefir is the fermented dairy product with a unique combination of goat milk and fermented kefir grains. High in lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria, kefir is also rich in antioxidants. Many popular brands are filled with High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. Be sure to read the ingredients list, as not all products are made equally. Choose wisely!


  • Drink before you get thirsty – thirst means you're already dehydrated.
  • Have breakfast daily - plan ahead to make wise choices.
  • Drink a lot of water - add lemon, cucumber, fresh fruits to flavor it if necessary.
  • Have home cooked dinner with family and friends - enjoy food and friends.
  • Don't eat when stressed - don’t give up the progress you’ve done so far!
  • Indulge yourself with some chocolate every once in a while - choose the dark one!

Now is your turn to share your experienced tips about healthy eating since we know you have a lot of interesting things to add to our list.

The next blogs regarding habits of healthy people will be about:

      B. Healthy people think healthy thoughts
      C. Healthy people exercise well
      D. Healthy people have healthy friends

Resource:   dailysuperfoodlove.com



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