If I Would Be Younger Now, I Would...

A few days ago I had the chance to participate to a young’s bride party organized by an older friend. It wasn’t the crazy fun kind of party (that one started a few hours later), but more like a wisdom of life sharing occasion. The other participants were women who have had their share of experiences in life and were ready to share with the younger ones.

Be lost in the moment...

I’ve heard very interesting pieces of advice, most of what I expected, but there were some of them that draw my attention. Especially one, of a very successful business woman, retired now. She retired after being a CFO of a very big company for many years. I consider her an accomplished human being with a great family, home and career. She told us all that if she would be a young woman again, with her present life knowledge, she would spend less time focusing on her work and she would enjoy life as it is. She would rest and take care of her body more. She would spend more time with her family and friends (and she did not mention "quality" word in here). She would sleep longer and laugh more.

Here is an interesting video shared by the Mother & Baby Magazine that might inspire you. Take a few minutes and learn from these women while they share their: "If I would be a young woman now, I would" insights. Please notice their radiant faces and beautiful hair. You might learn something from them:

Be lost in the moment.
Be at peace to the world.
Be kind to yourself.
Be kind to others.
Be ready to let go and be pride to do so.
Spend more time being, not doing.

If you should answer to this challenge, what would you say that would do differently if starting again? Of course, it is not possible, and, of course, we are who we are thanks to our previous experiences and lessons, but still which are the things you really think worth spending your life with?

If I would be younger now, I would...



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