The Never-Ending Benefits of Adaptogens

We live in a high-pressure environment. Stress from relationships, finances and careers can pile on top of one another, and before we know it, we’ve become accustomed to living in a state of chronic stress. This can wreak havoc on our health and our ability to perform mentally and physically. Fortunately, Isagenix has a solution to help you destress and unwind

What are adaptogens and who needs them?

Adaptogens are unique herbs and botanicals that strengthen the body’s capacity to resist and reduce stress as well as promote physical and mental performance while they play a normalizing role in the body’s defenses.

To be considered an adaptogen, a plant must meet three criteria:

  • Be safe; pass testing for toxicity
  • Reduce harmful effects of stress
  • Help improve physical performance and endurance

Which Isagenix products contain adaptogens?

With the addition of our newest Adaptogen-rich product, t+ Chai, Isagenix has three products that contain Adaptogens

ionix® supreme is a potent daily tonic that can help the body adapt to everyday stressors and support healthy aging.

The Adaptogen blend, Is Adapt™, in Ionix Supreme promotes balance and homeostasis in the body. It truly is "Nature’s answer to Stress".

Recommended use is one to two servings per day, hot or cold.

Ionix Supreme

e+ natural energy shot

e+ natural energy shot is a quick and easy way to get a healthy energy boost with natural caffeine from green tea and yerba mate. The Adaptogen blend, Adapto+™, helps target physiological as well as mental stress, supporting focus and concentration. It is a great alternative to any energy beverage that can be high in sugar and calories. In fact, e+ has been shown to support weight loss on Cleanse Days. Consume no more than two per day for a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or pre-workout boost.

t+ chai contains the same Adaptogen blend as e+. However, it is paired with the calming properties of decaffeinated black tea and is formulated to specifically target cognitive function.

t+ Chai gives you the calming focus and control you need.

Enjoy t+ Chai warm or iced any time of day.

t+ chai

How & When you should take them

Try this suggested plan to help fill your body and your day with a healthy boost of Adaptogens


Early Morning

Drink e+ as a coffee substitute or a Quick energy boost to start your day. Enjoy 1-2 servings of Ionix® Supreme to combat stress and support healthy aging.


Take e+ for a natural energy boost that aids performance and recovery.

Late Morning

Enjoy the soothing goodness of t+ Chai.


Take a shot of e+ for a quick energy boost to get you through a mid-afternoon slump. If you don’t need the naturally caffeinated energy boost of e+, drink t+ Chai to promote clarity.


Enjoy 1-2 servings of Ionix® Supreme to help reduce the effects of daily stress. Drink a warm cup of t+ Chai while relaxing.

Stay calm and improve your life with Isagenix products containing Adaptogens!



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